Get Involved

Select the ways that match your available time and budget

There are many ways for you to get involved. Become a Master Gardener Volunteer, donate to the General Fund, become a Friend of the Master Gardener Foundation, donate plants and pots for Garden Fair, donate via Fred Meyer rewards, and participate in our fundraising activities. If you choose to donate, the Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated at the State and County.

WSU campus.

Become a Master Gardener Volunteer

WSU Extension Spokane County Master Gardener Volunteers are university trained community educators, dedicated to providing unbiased horticultural knowledge and resources. We offer training for a new class of cohorts every year starting in January. REGISTRATION FOR THE TRAINING TYPICALLY CLOSES AT THE END OF OCTOBER.

Contribute to the General Fund

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization registered in Washington.  Like many non-profits, we could use your financial assistance.  Interested in showing support for what we do? Help us make a greater impact across Spokane County with a contribution. 

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The Foundation financially supports the Spokane Master Garden Program in many ways including direct and indirect means. These include the following:

  • Spokane County Program.  Direct fund the Spokane County Master Gardener Program to assist in giving them the capability to serve you and the rest of the community – Plant clinics, information booths, youth programs, etc
  • Demonstration Gardens.  Money goes to a number of demonstration gardens constructed and maintained by Master Gardener Volunteers at various locations around Spokane.
  • Community Gardens.  Compost Bins
  • Advanced Education.  Educational grants to Master Gardeners so that our volunteers can better educate the public on a broad range of topics.
  • Other.  Apply for and manage grants, provide educational grants for staff, trainees and certified Master Gardeners.

Become a Friend of the Master Gardener Foundation

When you are a Friend of the Master Gardener Foundation, not only do you support the work of the Spokane Foundation and Master Gardener Program, this is an annual membership with perks. You will receive discounts when shopping at our business partners, be able to sign up early for Garden Fair/Plant Sale shopping appointments AND get 10% off all your purchases, and other announced benefits.

Do you have plants in your garden that have outgrown the space? Are you in the process of revamping your landscape? The Foundation is looking for plants to add to our demonstration gardens and include in our Garden Fair & Plant Sale. You dig or we dig. 

The Foundation is always looking to restock our supply of gardening pots. We are specifically looking for 1 gallon or larger pots with no nursery names on them. 

Email, if you have plants and/or pots to donate.


Contribute to the Endowed Chair Campaign

The WSU Extension Master Gardener Program is raising money to establish the first ever faculty chair fully dedicated to the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program.

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  • teach new and existing WSU Extension Master Gardeners cutting-edge horticulture and environmental stewardship in perpetuity.
  • create tools that support volunteer outreach such as publications and fact sheets.
  • represent the program locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally.
  • partner and collaborate with like-minded organizations to leverage program strengths.
  • conduct meaningful research and develop robust curricula that will build upon our program, and find solutions to address difficult challenges like climate change.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program

Simply link your shopping card with the Master Gardeners Foundation of Spokane County and a percentage of all your purchases will be donated at no cost to you.

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Here’s how to participate: Go to Fred Meyer Community Rewards. You will receive instructions on how to sign on to your shopping card and to search for ‘Master Gardener Foundation of Spokane County’ to link to your card. That’s it. From that point forward, a percentage of your purchases will be credited to our program. Thank you.